Hello, my name is Pastor Mike.

I'm a Pastor, Professor and Entrepreneur living and serving in Fairfax Co, VA.  I lead one congregation with two unique expressions: Holy Trinity in Falls Church, VA - a "traditional" Sunday morning mainline Protestant community, and Mosaic in Merrifield, VA -  a community without a specific space, focused on building relationships and serving others.

This blog attempts to offer insight into the beautiful elements of faith communities, spiritual and educational insights for my community members and outsiders' edification, and my own faith-based entrepreneurial ventures.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore the depths of the divine, the beauty of faith communities, and the joy of serving others. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

The Reverend: used as a title or form of address to members of the clergy.

Entrepreneur: a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so

therevpreneur: a pastor taking greater than normal risks to build growing and vibrant communities of faith.